Stephanie Patterson

Stephanie Patterson – Interior Designer


With over 10 years of Interior Design experience and a family background in construction and design from an early age, I have a strong passion and understanding for Interior Design as a function and necessity. I received my Interior Design degree from San Francisco State University where I gained experience in material selection, construction drawing, and color theory to name a few. I enjoy creating beautiful spaces for my clients to live and work in. Being part of a team that can execute a project on time and within budget is the key to a successful collaboration for my clients. Blending couple’s different tastes and making everything flow as one complete design is a challenge I gladly accept and conquer.

Residential design and project management are aspects of design that I am very passionate about and knowledgeable in. I enjoy meeting new clients and building lasting relationships while helping them discover their design style. Pulling a project together for a client and creating a finished product with interesting design elements is my passion and always brings joy to my clients.