Scott Powers

Scott Powers – Interior Designer

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With a love for design, I have never thought of doing anything other than working in the design industry. Given my passion, I really enjoy what I do, and I think my passion is reflected in the way that I interact with my clients. I get as excited as the clients do when their projects are completed.

I very strongly believe that a home should feel like a haven. When you walk into your space I want it to feel like a cocoon. It’s aesthetically pleasing, it feels safe and secure, and it functions in a manner that fits your lifestyle. ! You are proud to call it home, and it makes you smile.

I have had the privilege of working on many homes throughout the years. Sometimes it’s working on a room at a time; sometimes it’s a full remodel. Regardless of the scope of the project, they all hold the same level of importance. My goal is to create a space that the client couldn’t imagine but is just what they wanted.