Thinking about hiring an Interior Designer?

You might feel a bit overwhelmed, possibly apprehensive, or just plain nervous , to think about having to get started on your design project. It’s the unknown that makes us crazy. Here are a few questions to ask yourself, along with tips that will help you stay clear-minded and actually have fun along the way, completing your project successfully. Hiring an Interior Designer is truly a personal decision.


First of all, before you even consider hiring a designer, you need to know how to find one. A great place to start is by a referral from family or friends that have had a great experience. Look for an Interior Designer that may have a successful business that people know about. Spend some time looking at their portfolios on their company’s websites, through Houzz, and other social media. Designer’s portfolios are a great way to see the end results from other clients projects and how their skill, talent, and knowledge was used.

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I would also suggest that you do a little homework before you start making those phone calls to find a designer. Knowing your own personal style is a huge factor since you need to be happy with the end result. Take the time now to look through magazines, along with surfing through websites like Houzz and Pinterest to help give you creative ideas that will let your imagination run wild. Do think more about how the space will be used and imagine what your ideal interior environment would be, feel, and look like. These ideas will certainly need to be shared and reviewed with your Interior Designer to start the design process.

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Once you have selected your designer clarify and determine the scope of your project. Designers have a variety of services that will certainly cover your needs. These services can be anything from a design consultation to a site measurement or space planning. Also can include design concepts, purchasing and project management. Make sure you understand their fee schedule and have a clear communication of when you would like the project completed.

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When it comes to making decisions do you find it very hard? No worries, your designer will present you with options for your project and will help guide you to making great choices to move forward. By feeling comfortable with your designer you both will gain a great relationship of trust that will get you through to the completion of your project.


Bringing in a pro may be just the right choice for you. Take the time to consider your designer carefully and you will be sure you made the right decision. Hiring a professional Interior Designer that you totally trust will always have your best interest in mind. We are here to make your life easy. Let your designer be creative and give them the freedom to do their job. You are hiring them to create a design specifically just for you. You just never know, you may just relax and enjoy the amazing journey.


Dorene Gomez
CCIDC Certified Interior Designer, Owner