When you walk into your home does it reflect your personality? What does your home say about you, and what do you want it to say? “Here I am with my beige walls, the required linen sofa from the big store, that every city seems to have. The big flat-screen over the fireplace.” And don’t forget the alphabet soup letters that seem to dot so many walls today.

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Now there isn’t anything wrong with any of these items, but do they reflect who you are, or is it just like every other house on the block? What about your love of travel? Perhaps you have photo’s that you have taken that could be printed, or artwork that you enjoy. Now here is the start of showing your personality, it’s telling a story of who you are; what you have experienced, where you have been.

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Now throw in the mask that you found at the flea market in Brazil, or the water color that you bought on the street corner in Paris. Where is that menu from your first dinner date you went on with your spouse? Now you are starting you see your personality in your home.

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As an example, one of the favorite spaces I ever designed involved apple green kitchen cabinets. Now this doesn’t mean that the entire kitchen had green cabinets, but there was an approximate 12′ run of green cabinets in this particular kitchen. The remainder of the cabinetry was a rather quiet, dark walnut stain. The space was tempered with beautiful wood floors, and quartz countertops that resemble marble. This particular client loved color, so the backsplash was made up of various hand painted colors on custom tiles that reflected the client’s love of color and personality. The space is peppered with collected art that means something to the home owner. Their personality in all its largeness, is upfront and evident when you walk into their home. It reflects a love for family, fun,and living for today.

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Are you the lively and colorful type, or the cool, calm, neutral type?

Let your home reveal a little bit about who you are, and how you have become the person that you are today.

Your home can speak volumes about you!

scott powersScott Powers

Interior Designer